Festival Foods hires Jeff Main to lead IT

Jeff Mayne joined the Festival Foods supermarket in Wisconsin as the vice president of information technology.

Festival Foods, based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, said Monday that Mayne, who recently worked as a management and IT consultant, will join the senior management team.

Festival Foods hires Jeff Main to lead IT

Maine (left) brings more than 30 years of groundbreaking engineering experience for businesses large and small, including his most recent position as director of software development for the Union Pacific Railroad. One of his major projects at Union Pacific includes improving the design, development and delivery of the company’s software.

Before joining Festival Foods, Maine was a freelance consultant and full-time consultant with a software vendor of SAS Analytics. His experience in the IT industry also includes leadership positions at US Freightways, Air Wisconsin Airlines and Air Methods. In addition, Festival Foods indicated that it had extensive knowledge in the retail sector and that it had worked for 10 years in various positions at Rent-A-Center.

The retailer stated that Main’s ability to design, develop and deliver forward-looking IT solutions will suit the grocery industry, which will be key to the continued growth of holiday food, including the next day opening in the Milwaukee area. few months. Two new locations.

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“Jeff is a recognized leader, proficient in all areas of IT,” said Kirk Stoa, Festival Foods Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. “He has the unique qualifications for this leadership role, and we are very pleased that he is joining us. Team.”

Mayne’s appointment marks the third hiring of Festival Foods management in recent months. In January, following the retirement of chief operating officer Mike Mesich, Frank Abent was promoted to Senior Vice President of Store Operations and Randy Mons to Director of Operations. Last month, former Southeastern grocer Ken Wicker joined Festival Foods as Senior Vice President Fresh Food.

In total, the Festival Foods family-owned and operated company operates 33 full-service grocery stores in Wisconsin and employs more than 7,500 full-time and part-time employees.

New COVID-19 vaccine doses in Wisconsin going to teachers

Wisconsin plans to give more than 47,000 doses of its new Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine to teachers next week, allowing early vaccination of other eligible and emerging groups.

New COVID-19 vaccine doses in Wisconsin going to teachers

“This will help us get through the teaching team faster, which will open the door for others,” said Deputy Secretary of State for Health Services Julie Williams Van Dyck.

It’s not clear whether awarding the Johnson & Johnson vaccine primarily to educators will increase the Dane County Educator Clinic Vaccination Program at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison. The Madison Administration of Public Health and Dunn County initially planned to start the clinic this week, but last week said they would have to wait until March 19 because they had not received the dose required by the state.

“We have not yet confirmed the dose for the next week,” said Sarah Mattis, a spokeswoman for the City and County Health Service. “But if we get the dose from the teachers, we’ll make a schedule ahead of time.”

At the same time, Willems van Dijk said the government’s vaccination register, which was due to start Monday, has some loopholes, but would open later this week. He said the main vaccination schedule in the school district will be released in the coming days, and some Kruger pharmacies in the state will be administering vaccinations with Walgreens.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine that the federal government approved on Saturday is a single-dose injection that can be kept in cold storage, and since December, the vaccine with two doses of Pfizer and Moderna has to be frozen. Officials said the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was slightly less effective in preventing COVID-19 than the other vaccines in the study, but the studies were conducted under different conditions and the three vaccines were very effective in preventing serious illness and disease. passing away.

Willems van Dijk said, “Please take the vaccine they give.” If you say ‘no thanks’, you just have to take a different path and wait a while. That’s all.’

He said a quarter of Wisconsin school districts are expected to complete vaccination by March 15, and the state expects to have adequate vaccinations for other school districts starting this month. The main diagram provides detailed information.

SSM Health vaccinated approximately 550 teachers and faculty in Waunakee School District on Tuesday and plans to open a similar mobile vaccination clinic in Sun Prairie on Friday and use some of the regular vaccination allowance.

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The record is being tested by some local health departments using Microsoft software. It puts people and others who are eligible for the planned vaccination on the waiting list. Willems van Dijk said some components did not work as expected, and the state is working to ensure that the people in the queue are properly imported into the system.

“The quality beats this,” he said, adding that some parts of the record may be released before Friday.

Kroger to invest in upcycled food startups

Kroger plans to invest $ 2.5 million in group grants through the Zero Hunger / Zero Waste Foundation to support startups that produce, process, or distribute consumer food in new ways.

Kroger to invest in upcycled food startups

Retailers call recycled food the “next area” and invite applicants to submit proposals to promote a business model that requires buying surplus food or food by-products and turning them into new products for consumers. Successful applicants will receive $ 100,000 in seed funding. The selected companies will then participate in a hypothetical seminar that focuses on investment preparation, technology development and reaching and orienting investors in and out of the food system, Kruger said.

The innovator is also eligible for an additional grant of $ 100,000 based on the plan’s established milestones. At the end of the six-month development phase, two start-ups will be selected for an additional $ 250,000 in funding.

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“The Kruger Zero Hunger / Zero Waste Foundation is committed to helping create a more efficient, resilient and charitable diet in the United States and other regions,” said Dennis Ostruis, president of the Kruger Corporation. Don’t roar. ”After the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic impact, we are more determined than ever to allocate as much food as possible to achieve our ultimate goal of feeding people. food system. situation of excess waste. ”

For more information, please visit the zerohungerzerowastefoundation.org

Some Kroger stores to begin offering COVID-19 vaccinations

Most Kroger stores in Wisconsin will begin distributing the COVID-19 vaccine after receiving their first batch of the vaccine this week.

Vaccines are provided to Kroger by the federal government as part of the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program. The series will receive 2,340 doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine next week. The state will give Kruger 1,552 additional doses of the vaccine.

Some Kroger stores to begin offering COVID-19 vaccinations

The announcement was made in a press release from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services on Wednesday.

Kroger also owns the retail chain MetroMarket and Pick-n-Save. The announcement does not specify which stores will receive the vaccine.

Anyone currently eligible for the vaccine in Wisconsin can visit the Kroger website or call (866) 211-5320 to make an appointment (if applicable).

Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Karen Timberlake said, “We are delighted to further expand the vaccine infrastructure in Wisconsin and provide greater access to vaccines by adding another pharmaceutical partner to this important program.

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Kroger Continues to Support Disaster Response to Uplift Communities Affected by Texas Winter Storm

The Kroger Corporation (NYSE: KR) continues to provide assistance to areas affected by the historic Texas winter storm, including the city of Dallas and Houston, and local communities and nonprofits such as the Harvest Project Food Rescue and the Houston Food Bank. Food and Wilkinson Center) Clean water.

Kroger Continues to Support Disaster Response to Uplift Communities Affected by Texas Winter Storm 2

“Texas is very important and has weathered many storms and is getting stronger,” said Rodney McMullen, President and CEO of Kroger Corporation. Kroger has always supported Germany. People in Texas are always focused on making sure our employees and communities have the resources to rebuild. I am especially grateful to our store, distribution center, manufacturing, pharmacy, and Dallas office. Houston has worked tirelessly for the past two weeks and have worked hard to improve our employees, customers and communities. ”

Kroger makes it easy for customers to support disaster relief and benefits the American Red Cross by offering donation options at stores in Dallas-Fort Worth and Greater Houston. Annually, the Foundation provides $ 500,000 in funding through the Kroger Limited Foundation to support disaster relief. Customers can donate to in-store fundraising activities before the end of March.

The Kroger & Partners Foundation donated $ 190,000 to Mayor of Dallas Eric Johnson’s Disaster Fund and $ 180,000 to Harris County Winter Storm Relief Fund in Houston, funded by Mayor West and founded by Sylvester Turner and district judge. Information. Kroger also continues to work with other Texas cities to provide important recovery resources.

“As we continue to recover from this terrible crisis, we need practical approaches from government agencies, nonprofits and our business groups,” said Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson. Rye has been an excellent partner to Dallas in the past and I thank him for his continued support of our people. ”

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Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said, “Recently, when our city faced the lowest temperatures in years, widespread power outages and waterless households, our communities looked on together to support each other.” We would like to thank Kroger for donating 3,000 boxes of bottled water to support those in need, and a donation of $ 180,000 to the Harris County Winter Storm Lying Disaster in Houston. ”

Like many residents and retailers, Kroger faced power outages, constant power outages, and damaged pipelines in power distribution centers and stores. As the regions regain their strength, Kroger restores the supply of fresh food to neighboring communities with the support of an inspiring team of employees who continue to cultivate the human spirit every day. Since then, the COVID-19 vaccination sites have also been restored. As of March 1, 2021, Kroger Health has administered more than 600,000 types of COVID for primary care health workers, skilled nursing facilities, seniors, teachers, and qualified personnel in 26 states, including the Texas-19 vaccine. Kroger Health now receives and administers vaccines to 1,500 of 2,200 pharmaceutical families. Customers can call 866-211-5320 or visit Kroger.com/CovidCare to book an appointment.

Kroger Continues to Support Disaster Response to Uplift Communities Affected by Texas Winter Storm 1

About the Kroger Corporation Dallas Branch

Kroger operates 109 food stores in the Dallas division. Our 15,000 employees are committed to achieving our goal of nurturing the human spirit, serving the region through food and nutrition, and creating a # ZeroHungerWaste community by 2025. Visit the Newsroom and Investor Relations website.

About The Kroger Corporation – Houston Branch

The Kroger Houston facility has more than 100 stores in southeastern Texas and Louisiana and employs more than 18,000 employees. Last year, Kroger Houston donated $ 1.9 million to local schools and nonprofits through the # ZeroHungerZeroWaste program and donated 2.6 million pounds of food to a local food bank. To learn more about the Kroger Corporation (NYSE: KR), visit the newsroom and investor relations website.